There are a lot of podcasts on the net, and now….there is one more!!!

A week ago I was in my living room, being interviewed about my writing and performance by Patrick Widdess, presenter and runner of the Headstand Radio podcast blog and you can hear the results here

HEADSTAND RADIO offers an eclectic series of podcasts featuring music and poetry of all kinds. Patrick Widdess, himself a talented poet who performs his work at poetry events and open mic nights, is a kind and generous host and I thank him for this opportunity to step out from behind the microphone and offer my words to the ether!!

If you take a listen, I hope you will be willing to offer a response to the writing prompt I offered. Patrick asks each of his guests to provide a prompt that he then writes something from to read in the next podcast. He also invites listeners to join in and respond to the prompt too. During my HEADSTAND you will be able to hear what Patrick made of ‘A grain of Sand’ which was the prompt offered by previous guest, The Walking Poet, Julie Pritchard. I look forward to hearing what Patrick comes up with and to listening to him interview his next guest.

(Disclaimer, we did no literal headstands)

Performance photo from Scratch Platform 4, by Yvette Robertshaw Photography

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