Tuesday, Aug 14 2018, come and hear and share spoken word at our laid back open mic event. The event is free, performance slots are free, the booze is not free, but if you are free, come and express yourself freely and set your words free…at RARA, this coming Tuesday and the second Tuesday of every month!
Whether you have never shared your words before or are an experienced performer you are warmly invited to join and experience the welcome, the attention, the encouragement and the appreciation of RARA. Every RARA is a different experience, semi-regularly hosted by guest hosts from RARA regulars who after being warmly received often end up wondering what it might be like to act as compere, and we say, if you want to find out, give it a try and we will be there with you to offer all the support, advice and encouragement you need!

Come! Join us! Join in!

The kind management of the Mackintosh Sports Club, Roath, Cardiff generously allow us this monthly platform so that writers from Cardiff and beyond can showcase anything they wish as long as it is made of words! Come, be moved, be amused, be surprised! Come, move, amuse or surprise others!

Dave Daggers           &            Will Ford

 Between them, Dave and Will keep RARA running and the door open to all, whether they are new to spoken word, or wish to use a five minute slot to try out new work for their sets or just simply engage with an audience who are ready to listen. Both Dave and Will like to experiment with different forms of creativity and are very serious about what they do, even if what they do is not always about being serious. Freedom to be either serious or silly and for both to be equally welcomed is at the heart of RARA, where what YOU want to say, however you wish to say it, is the most important thing.

So come along, to RARA, beloved by many, including by lots of the folk you will see on the promo pic at the end of these words for MEGAVERSE at Cardiff Hub Festival 2018. COME TO RARA! Enter the world of Spoken Word! Speak! Listen! Enjoy!

Poster - blank frame

Festivals are tough, and some got tough enough for them, at RARA!!!!