LOVE sneeze LOVE cough LOVE sleepless nights


Sadly, no Heartspoken (click) for me. A cold, sneezes and coughing that have wrecked my sleep for days and left me as croaky as a sore throated frog so in no condition to sort of sing what is below, which was my plan for the open mic section.

But why not go along to the Kuku Club tonight and experience an evening of love flavoured poetry/spoken word and song brought to you by Mab Jones? See link above for further details.

Words of love can often seem cheesy, or mawkish, even embarrassing, but that is only to the weak minded so afraid of the necessity to lower the defences to accept/give love that they sneer at those they deep down know themselves to be weaker than and jealous of. So there 😉 Anyway, tonight I would have sort of sung these words…


Heaven Knows

(Written in early 2011, when falling in love/being fallen in love with was the impossible dream of a folorn soul)

The clouds are moving in the wind

The stars are coming out tonight

The Moon, moving into sight

To bathe the world in silver light

There’s something in the way it glows

Cool and devastating, oh

The wolf inside is growling low

How’m I supposed to let you know?

Come to me and do not be, afraid now

Lay your head near mine

Tell me it’ll be alright

And then please

Paint me with your lips tonight

I’m speaking metaphysically

To a girl I’ve yet to see,

I wanna go down on my knees

When you taunt me

With your verbal tease


The clouds are moving in the wind (they know)

The stars are coming out tonight (love wont wait)

Full moon drifting into sight (forever)

Bathing me in silver light

There’s something in the way it glows (blue silver)

Cool and devastating, oh (is the mirror)

Wolf inside growling low (he needs you)

How’m I supposed to let you know

I’m speaking metaphysically (to the ether)

To a girl I’ve yet to see (in the ether)

I wanna fall down to my knees (in surrender)

When you taunt me with your verbal tease

So you will be the one for me (soul mate)

And I will be for you also (soul mate)

But as for when our eyes will meet

How’re we supposed to ever know?

Ever know?

Ever know?

Heaven knows…


Arms Are Waiting

(Written as a birthday present song for my girlfriend, in the last week of October 2014)

(Hummed intro)

Gravity can pin you down, way too firmly to the ground

Making every step a chore, Angel I know you need more

Spread your wings and soar above, then look down at eyes of love

Raised to meet yours in between the reality and dream


If you fall from heaven and you need a catcher,

My arms are waiting, arms are waiting

Yes it’s you I’m talking to, I’m looking at cha

My arms are waiting, arms are waiting

If it takes forever to find your find your way home

My arms are waiting, arms are waiting

Every single moment that you feel alone

My arms are waiting…

When the world won’t let you be

When the truth don’t set you free

Other people hold you back

Tell you everything you lack, try to make you

Join them on their plane

Wings of heartbreak, sorrow, pain

On a flight from ecstasy, to where love is history


All the clouds in the blue sky that form to make the rain

Give Angels somewhere they can stand to see the sun again

Raindrops must fall so you just remember what sunshine is

The universe making you warm with just one tender kiss…


Look…you’re not falling…we’re flying




LOVE, LOVE, LOVE at Heartspoken

Heartspoken (Click here) is coming soon, to the Kuku Club at the Park Plaza hotel, Words about the heart. from the heart, from singers, feature poets and those going along to do open mic (ie me and whoever else). Hearts don’t just feel love, of course, so expect some other Heartfeelings to be Heartspoken. This event is brought to you courtesy of Mab Jones, performance poet and author of the recently released collection Poor Queen. What, you want a link for that too, you say? Okay then… click here or click here

Image of Poor Queen by Mab Jones


Christmas is fast approaching, and just wanted to mention this pantomime, penned by rising young writer Steven Quantick, featuring my hairdresser, the Award Winning Anna Constantinou, who is a cut above the rest and a genuine ray of sunshine in human form!

Come one, come all!!!