R.A.R.A. Returns To The Mackintosh Sports Club, Cardiff…11/01/2016…with pics by Paula Hughes


January came, as it does every year, and brought with it the first 2016


Co-hosted for the second time by…

Fran Smith and Bridget Leggy Tanner!

12465987_10153925041361095_2037554103937823596_o (1).jpg

Sadly, due to annoying temporary partial deafness I was not there in person, but I was there in spirit, and by all accounts the usual good time was had by all, with a great mix of all that is lyrically profound, emotionally frank and comically bizarre. There were some sadly necessary tributes to David Bowie who passed away the previous day…

If like me, you missed out on this event, you missed missed read, recited, raucously rendered, robustly ranted and some sung performances from…

Fran Smith


Bridget Leggy Tanner


Dave Daggers


Patrick Widdess


John Brookes 


Mark Curtis


Mario Umberto Fiorillo


Bel Blue


Kat (aka Kathryn Davies)


Mark Blayney


Des Mannay


Ellie Powell


Francesca Murphy

12489209_10153925043091095_5967808677645185864_oPaula Hughes


Bryan Marshall


Laz Lazarus


Thanks to everyone who came, very sorry I couldn’t come too, but I will definitely be there on February 8th, so to close this less wordy than usual blog for RARA, just want to say many thanks to our lovely hosts Fran and Bridget, and a big thank you to Paula Hughes for wielding her camera at Rhyme and Real Ale and letting me use her pics in my blogs!



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Kindling the fire (totally NAKED self promotion)

TOTALLY NAKED (self promotion)

My Story Poems, which are available where you see me read or if you contact me to arrange to buy them…words and covers by the author…

Cupid’s Evil Twin is as his name suggests the very opposite of his brother. He wants to break your heart. In this story poem lonely Mary and Johnny are both subjected to the Evil Twin’s mockery and scorn under the light of the moon…


An unnamed deserter, sentenced to death during the First World War, attempts to sum up his life and his story in one night via a poem. As he watches a candle burn down, signifying the time he has left to live, everything he has ever believed in starts to melt away too.

Will be available for Kindle soon(ish)

HUMAN BEINGS (Dickensian Twist)

On one foggy night in Dickensian London, the lives of a time traveller, a drunken police officer, a mouse, a rat, a cat, a dog a raven and a baying mob comically intersect with each other. The dark shadow of Jack the Ripper looms over the tale as large as he looms over his latest victim…Human Beings(Dickensian Twist) will be available for Kindle soon(ish)

Back cover of Cupid’s Evil Twin:

Yet Another Busy Bleary Eyed Blog…

Bit bleary eyed after bringing spoken word/comic verse/rap parody type stuff to The Coach, a Bridgend pub with an open mic night, last Thursday of each month. Since it was mostly music I think people were a bit bemused at first but then they got into it, joining in with the Amen! part of Priestly Boys and the chorus of The Booty Song.

Yesterday morning, barely awake, got a text from Mab Jones asking if I would join her to go on Radio Cardiff to talk of performance poetry and spoken word, in general terms and in terms of upcoming events.Here’s a photo from the studio, featuring a big smile from Mab and me at my most alert…

My first time on the radio ever, recited some rhymes as did Mab and we talked of performance poetry and upcoming events as well as Mab plugging the Letter to an Unknown Soldier project. I had intended to submit a letter anyway, but have to make sure I do after saying I will during this hour that gave me a small amount of respect for presenters (keeping talking to avoid dead air is harder than it seems and I don’t claim to have knocked it out of the park)

And now, a list of upcoming events:

Photo: And this is what the poster looks like with the correct relevant information on it....


August 11th from about 7.30pm RHYME AND REAL ALE Julie Pritchard’s come one, come all, no favouritism free open mic event at The Mackintosh Sports Club, Keppoch Street Cardiff reaches it’s first anniversary. An anthology of RARA poets work will be launched and will be for sale. First priority for proceeds is for RARA to have it’s own PA equipment to ease the pressure on poor Dave Daggers (who doesn’t know at this point the booklet has a  cover image, by me using two photos Dave took at diffrerent RARA nights. The other cover image was supplied by Bex Marriott. RARA is held second Monday of every month

August 14th WORD4WORD a National Theatre Wales TEAM event of verse and spoken word hosted by Frank Thomas. Not open mic but much variety of wordiness will be on show, including mine. Prizes are up for grabs for the performers, one to be decided by the organisers, the other, the audience prize, well come and vote for whoever best floats your boat!

August 23-25 HUB FESTIVAL An annual fixture in Cardiiff, featuring a shedload of thingsto see and b at, including MEGAVERSE,a spoken word event I am curating and hosting and currently putting together a performer list for. August 24, Cardiff Fashion Quarter 6-8pm, be there or be elsewhere!

August 29th last Friday of the Month means another Evening of Spoken Indulgence at the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol. Host Matt Duggan presents a variety of literary and literally spoken word. Then Sept 19th during the Bristol Poetry Festival a special event at the Hydra will see the launch of HYDRAZINE, an anthology of material by those who have read at Matt’s events, including some words from me

September 8th at RHYME and REAL ALE the Roath Writers group will be launching their second anthology of work by group members, edited by Cardiff writing mover and shaker Christina Thatcher, who will be first half guest host at RARA to give regular RARA ears and any other that come along a treat. Christina will introduce contributors to the Roath Writers group anthology, who will share their words, and I and you can then buy the anthology 🙂 Then Julie Pritchard will host the second half to complete the evening with a variety of styles of open mic performance.

Now I have to rush off to a voluntary work meeting. Laters, taters!



For Sale: My Words!!! Human Beings (Dickensian Twist)

As of now, Human Beings (Dickensian Twist) is available for purchase. Previously performed at open mic events, I will be reading it as my contribution to a National Theatre Wales Showcase event in May. The front and back images for the booklet can be seen below…or on my website if there are two square below and no pics (see willdeanford.com )

Will be doing open mic at the next Rhyme and Real Ale event at the Mackintosh Sports Bar (Roath, Cardiff) next Monday, and am looking forward to reading and to hearing many words once again 🙂 Anyone who liked the contents of this booklet at the last RARA, why not consider purchasing them and taking them home with you 😉

See below for Facebook event Link for RARA next week. Free to enter, free to read, old hands, new blood, no favouritism, come and share your words!