TOTALLY NAKED (self promotion)

My Story Poems, which are available where you see me read or if you contact me to arrange to buy them…words and covers by the author…

Cupid’s Evil Twin is as his name suggests the very opposite of his brother. He wants to break your heart. In this story poem lonely Mary and Johnny are both subjected to the Evil Twin’s mockery and scorn under the light of the moon…


An unnamed deserter, sentenced to death during the First World War, attempts to sum up his life and his story in one night via a poem. As he watches a candle burn down, signifying the time he has left to live, everything he has ever believed in starts to melt away too.

Will be available for Kindle soon(ish)

HUMAN BEINGS (Dickensian Twist)

On one foggy night in Dickensian London, the lives of a time traveller, a drunken police officer, a mouse, a rat, a cat, a dog a raven and a baying mob comically intersect with each other. The dark shadow of Jack the Ripper looms over the tale as large as he looms over his latest victim…Human Beings(Dickensian Twist) will be available for Kindle soon(ish)

Back cover of Cupid’s Evil Twin: