What Ya Got? Show it at The Big Top (aka Ten Feet Tall), Cardiff, 05/10/16


whatyagotcomfortzoneWhat Ya Got returns to The Big Top at 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff, Wednesday Oct 5 2016…from 7.30 pm, bring your songs, your comedy, your stories or poems, your beatboxing, or whatever it is is you do, and show us What Ya Got!!!!!

FREE ENTRY, FREE TO WATCH, FREE TO TAKE PART Slots of around ten minutes

The author of this blog will be co-hosting and to step out of his comfort zone will try to sing his (usually acappella) songs with Regular Main Host Steve Kenward providing moral and guitar based support (and a tapping foot Will Ford can look at to help him keep in time with the music, specially arranged by Steve, a very generous and creative dude…

Come one, come all, COME!!!

What Ya Got?