A bit of Christmas silly from me (performance pieces)

On The Thirteenth Day Of Christmas…

Partridge in a Pear Tree Christmas Stamp : Stock Photo

Over the twelve days of Christmas 

My true love sent to me…

12 Drummers Drumming…22 Pipers Piping…30 Lords a Leaping…36 Ladies Dancing…40 Maids a Milking…42 Swans a Swimming…42 Geese a Laying…40 Golden Rings…36 Calling Birds…30 French Hens…22 Turtle Doves and 12 Partridges in 12 Pear Trees…leading to…a very awkward phone call…

Hello…um…yes it did arrive…um…you do know I live in a one bedroom upstairs flat? Well, it’s getting a bit…crowded…um…yes…yes…we are on a break…

Royalty-Free Images: Stained Glass Portrait Of Joseph And Mary

Approximately 2014 years ago…Mary has just given Joseph some unexpected news…

Joseph: Now then, Mary…let me get my head around this…you’re pregnant?

Mary: Yes

Joseph: Well, we both know I’m not the father…And…you say…you received a message…in a dream…from God

Mary: Yes

Joseph: And God told you that you would give birth to his son..who will grow up to be the Saviour of Mankind…

Mary: Yes

Joseph: But God didn’t do the necessary business himself..he sent an angel in his stead…and this Angel of The Lord…Came upon you…

Mary: Yes And after this Angel of The Lord…came upon you…you became pregnant…with the son of God…

Joseph: And after this Angel of The Lord…came upon you…you became pregnant…with the son of God…

Mary: Yes

Joseph: And Now. To avoid awkward questions from our families. you want me to marry you. As soon as possible?

Mary: Yes

Joseph: So…you want me to marry you as soon as possible…to avoid potential social awkwardness…as a result of you being impregnated…by an Angel…on behalf of God 

Mary: Yes

Joseph: (shrugs) Yeah, i’ll go along with that

Mary: Yay! 


‘King terrible weather outside but SILLY KINGS rule the night!

To follow up my previous blog  https://willdeanford.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/silly-kings-dress-rehearsal-at-cardiff-castle/ the temperature inside the spiegeltent was fine. Outside, the torrential rain and howling wind assailed the structure, part of which looked like this from the inside


filled with an audience that looked like this Image

And the rain hammered away ferociously on the tent but there was no stopping the silly and spectacular show going on, with a joyously enthusiastic multi-tasking cast, each playing various parts, singing, dancing, rapping, and storytelling their way through a madcap array of tales woven around a semi-traditional framing device about a Princess and Prince who wanted to marry for love (semi traditional because in this little world, the little girl defeats the monster under her bed without help and the Fairies ruled by their mean King in one segment form a Union to defeat him and Llamas dance their tails off).

Fun and silliness and strangeness throughout, enjoyed loads by the audience, see here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.251547651670226.1073741830.127387044086288&type=1

Anyway, the dress rehearsal fought the weather and defeated it and the audience, including me, had to battle the elements too en route to Cardiff Castle but ultimately, the stormy night was easily vanquished by the fun to be had. Tonight the run proper begins. Go get some silly 🙂