Poetry collection My Family and Other Superheroes by Jonathan Edwards won the 2014 Costa Poetry Prize.

Thrust into the limelight by the success of his first collection after years of writing, he explains to Patrick how lucky he feels and gives insight into how he approaches writing. Also a schoolteacher, he tries to close the gap between the grand mystique the idea of poetry often conjures up and the real life experience of his students.

Jonathan delivers a few of his poems during the chat, Patrick reads his own piece inspired by ‘Japan’ (the prompt for poetry offered by previous guest Mab Jones) and I had the unexpected pleasure of hearing my response to ‘Japan’  being read out by Jonathan 🙂

I’m sorry Takeshi Kitano, please don’t hurt me (I promise that will make sense if you listen 🙂 )

Looking forward to more Headstand Podcasts in the not too distant future, and if you enjoy hearing this one, why not check out the archive. Not that I’m a past guest or anything, Ahem…

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