Evil Cupid (extract) and full measure of Booze related lines

The opening words of my long form poem Cupid’s Evil Twin…

Cupid’s Evil Twin

Fires poison tipped arrows

Into the hearts

Of the lonely

On every cold night

Whispers to the lonely that

There must be something wrong with you

‘Cause everybody else has got

Somebody to hold tonight…

One I sing (a capella) to the tune of Puttin’ on the Ritz:

Going on the Piss

The Weekend, what do you do
From choices, open to you
You select this…

Going on the piss

You may feel more confidence
Even if, you talk nonsense
Because of this…

Going on the piss

Drink until you stupefy or slumber
Or get knocked down get up again

Like Chumba…Wumba

Wandering from bar to bar
Feeling like a mega star
No boos or hiss…

You’re a little pissed

Another glass or maybe two
Someone’s an ass, it’s never you
We all insist…

When we’re feeling pissed

Drink until you feel the sleep of reason
Kill the line between obnoxiousness and teasing

Eyes on stalks, pop from your head
Did you see the one in red?
Lips made to kiss…

But don’t forget you’re pissed

You saunter over with a grin
Bit too wide, unsettling
Ignorance is bliss…

“Romantically” pissed

Looking at breasts, think you’re being subtle
But there’s no argument, defence, rebuttal, butt-hole

She knows that you scoped her jugs
Don’t assume, women are mugs,
When it comes to this…

They know they have tits

She looks you, right up and down
That’s not a pout, that is a frown
Awkward moment this…

Going on the piss

Still, drunkenly, you hope she’ll want to blow you
Truth is that she doesn’t want to know you,

Go you

Stagger home, get a kebab
try your best, not to get stabbed
Or a glasgow kiss…

Going on the piss…