For Sale: My Words!!! Human Beings (Dickensian Twist)

As of now, Human Beings (Dickensian Twist) is available for purchase. Previously performed at open mic events, I will be reading it as my contribution to a National Theatre Wales Showcase event in May. The front and back images for the booklet can be seen below…or on my website if there are two square below and no pics (see )

Will be doing open mic at the next Rhyme and Real Ale event at the Mackintosh Sports Bar (Roath, Cardiff) next Monday, and am looking forward to reading and to hearing many words once again 🙂 Anyone who liked the contents of this booklet at the last RARA, why not consider purchasing them and taking them home with you 😉

See below for Facebook event Link for RARA next week. Free to enter, free to read, old hands, new blood, no favouritism, come and share your words!



Tonight I will be among those watching the dress rehearsal of Silly Kings

Produced by National Theatre Wales, the show runs from 19 Dec 2013- 04 Jan 2014 and you can get booking and price info type stuff if you click this link

Looking at the link wont help you, you have to click on it.

So you have even more to go on when looking for an answer to the question “Why the *^&$££ should I go and see this, eh?” keep reading these words and you will learn that the play has been adapted from the 1981 book of Fairy Tales by Monty Python’s Terry Jones.

Below you will find a picture of Mr Jones and below that a pic of the cover of Fairy Tales

Silly Kings is aimed at ‘young children and very silly adults’, so most people I know fall into the targeted demographic! I guess that if nothing else tonight I will discover whether offering the public the chance to see a play in a large ‘spiegeltent’  over the late December to early January period is a good idea temperature wise…