Tuesday, Aug 14 2018, come and hear and share spoken word at our laid back open mic event. The event is free, performance slots are free, the booze is not free, but if you are free, come and express yourself freely and set your words free…at RARA, this coming Tuesday and the second Tuesday of every month!
Whether you have never shared your words before or are an experienced performer you are warmly invited to join and experience the welcome, the attention, the encouragement and the appreciation of RARA. Every RARA is a different experience, semi-regularly hosted by guest hosts from RARA regulars who after being warmly received often end up wondering what it might be like to act as compere, and we say, if you want to find out, give it a try and we will be there with you to offer all the support, advice and encouragement you need!

Come! Join us! Join in!

The kind management of the Mackintosh Sports Club, Roath, Cardiff generously allow us this monthly platform so that writers from Cardiff and beyond can showcase anything they wish as long as it is made of words! Come, be moved, be amused, be surprised! Come, move, amuse or surprise others!

Dave Daggers           &            Will Ford

 Between them, Dave and Will keep RARA running and the door open to all, whether they are new to spoken word, or wish to use a five minute slot to try out new work for their sets or just simply engage with an audience who are ready to listen. Both Dave and Will like to experiment with different forms of creativity and are very serious about what they do, even if what they do is not always about being serious. Freedom to be either serious or silly and for both to be equally welcomed is at the heart of RARA, where what YOU want to say, however you wish to say it, is the most important thing.

So come along, to RARA, beloved by many, including by lots of the folk you will see on the promo pic at the end of these words for MEGAVERSE at Cardiff Hub Festival 2018. COME TO RARA! Enter the world of Spoken Word! Speak! Listen! Enjoy!

Poster - blank frame

Festivals are tough, and some got tough enough for them, at RARA!!!!

With Dr Thomas Tyrrell…RARA OPEN MIC 09/07/18


Come share your poems or short stories, or even a song, at RARA, Mon July 9
at the Mackintosh Sports Club, Keppoch Street Roath, Cardiff
7.30pm doors open, come, sign up for 8.00pm start!

Soon to be moving to the second Tuesday each month, this will be the final Monday Night RARA and your guest host for July RARA will be


A Doctor of Letters (and also entire words), Thomas Tyrrell delivers various flavours of poetry and verse with a bold resonant voice that drifts into pirate sounding territory when choosing to deliver tales of dastardly doings by seafaring criminals! As well as regaling you with his regal stage presence over the course of the evening he will be calling up those who wish to share their own words of wit, wisdom, woe, and wonder!


RARA is a welcoming and warm space for regular and new readers/performers to share their creative souls and after years of being a Monday night affair, from August will become a Tuesday night fixture. Join us for our final Monday!

If you have tales to tell, words to share, RARA will applaud you for sharing them there! If you are timid at the thought of public reading, be bold, come and try it, it’s RARA you’re needing! Come, one, come, come all, weave us your word spells, and join in this night with Thomas Tyrrell


April: A Shower of Words @ RARA Open Mic 09/04/18



Soon it will be the second Monday of the month, meaning it is almost time for you to bring up to five minutes of your word based goodness along for a free slot at a free event that happens every single month…let rip, let it go, share your creations, release the flow…at RARA!


This month, RARA will be hosted by…DAVE DAGGERS


Dave Daggers and Will Ford will both offer you some words of their own, as well as welcoming and introducing readers to the unique laidbackness of RARA
(shut up spell checker, laidbackness is a word, ok?)

Whether you wish to spit fire at an unjust world, warm the heart and ears of the listener, express unique and quirky insight, at RARA you have five minutes to use in whatever sweet, silly, serious or bonkers way you see fit. Free your words, show us the world through your eyes, paint pictures purely with alphabetical components


RARA is brought to you each month in association with Dave Daggers, Will Ford and the very kind people at the Mackintosh Sports/Social Club, Keppoch Street, Roath, Cardiff.

But without the lovely, inventive, enthusiastic and incredibly beautiful people who come along to share their letter based creations there could be no RARA, so thank you if you have ever come along before, and future thanks are waiting for those yet to enter the friendly, welcoming atmos of a RARA night, where variety is guaranteed, laughs can be anticipated and provocation of thought and sometimes a touch of bemused mystification are part of the mix of material you will encounter





They haven’t happened yet, how could there be pics?
come, come, come, COME TO RARA!




SPOKEN WORD POETS AT KAYA FESTIVAL 2015 (MARGAM PARK 7-9 August) And a Busy Week Ahead!!!


Glyn Roberts, Jacks Lyndon, Fran Smith and me! Hours to go before the gig on the Manor Stage inside that little building behind us…Margam Castle, a hell of a venue.


Jacks Lyndon, serving up humorous, self deprecating poetry about body parts!


Glyn Roberts, the only Manc in the village of Ystalyfera…wry, dry, humorous observations and musings


Fran Smith, Philosophical Body Poet, bringing positivity and humanity, exploring the stuff of existence, taking in all levels, from the molecular to the cosmic. Why absorb the negative when you can choose where you place your focus?

MCing, impressions of a tiger and a Wookie, 100% committed, 73.831776% Bullshit (the latter is one of my titles, not a bad review!)


Many thanks KAYA, a really diverse festival with sounds and dance and words from around the world! Big ups to Mab Jones for doing the hard work of getting us on the bill, and then sadly not being able to be there on the stage due to unforeseen schedule clash 😦

And thank you Debi Jones-Beere, KAYA Artist Liasion Manager for all your hard work and keeping us well up to speed with everything we needed to know. Was nice to meet you, be cool to work with you again!

Before summarising a busy week to come here are some more pics from KAYA…


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Tonight at The Mackintosh (10/08/15) I will be your host for the free monthly open mic in Cardiff at the Mackintosh Sports Club, RHYME AND REAL ALE where you can come, listen to words said, rapped, sung, and if you have something to share, sign up for free for a five minute slot! Regular faces will be welcomed back, new voices always find receptive ears, come one, come all! 

Last Mic Standing semi final

Last Mic Standing semi final…got through and the final is coming soon, Friday August 14th 2015, featuring performances from previous winners, including the very funny character comedienne…Karen Sherrard!

Final showdown for me and three others at LAST MIC STANDING  on Friday, but Wednesday August 12 will be WHAT YA GOT, a twice a month open mic night at Ten Feet Tall in Cardiff, where I will be giving my LMS set a practice run and will upload footage of that 🙂

If that wasn’t enough, under my ‘event banner’ Megaverse I will be hosting OXJAM CARDIFF TAKEOVER PRESENTS MEGAVERSE at Milgi in Cardiff from 3-8pm, featuring a diverse variety of spoken word styles and music!

Maybe see you somewhere soon 🙂


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE at Heartspoken

Heartspoken (Click here) is coming soon, to the Kuku Club at the Park Plaza hotel, Words about the heart. from the heart, from singers, feature poets and those going along to do open mic (ie me and whoever else). Hearts don’t just feel love, of course, so expect some other Heartfeelings to be Heartspoken. This event is brought to you courtesy of Mab Jones, performance poet and author of the recently released collection Poor Queen. What, you want a link for that too, you say? Okay then… click here or click here

Image of Poor Queen by Mab Jones