New Cardiff Performance Event (LISTEN)

 will be launched July 4 2019 at Gentileza



Each (LISTEN) event will offer featured performers a chance to deliver an extended set in the intimate surroundings of Gentileza. No microphones. Just a welcoming space for the performers to be heard by an audience that truly wants to listen


After each performance has been heard, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions. The Q&A will be overseen by event creator, organiser and host Steven Kenward, himself a musician, songwriter and performer.

As an appreciator of all kinds of performance, Steven formerly organised and hosted the open mic event WHAT YA GOT? This offered performers slots of up to ten minutes but (LISTEN) is not an open mic event.

Via (LISTEN) Steven hopes that the audience and the different featured performers at each event  will benefit from people being given more time to show more of what they are capable of.

Every (LISTEN) will be different from every other (LISTEN)

There is no entry fee. But you are free to show your appreciation on a donation basis, if what you hear moves, excites, amuses you or simply, for whatever reason, makes you feel glad you decided to drop by at Gentileza and lend your ears to (LISTEN).