Rhyme and Real Ale returns to the Mackintosh Sports Club, Roath, Cardiff for its regular monthly free open mic night CLICK HERE

It is my turn once more to be the MC at the event, and I extend this invitation:

Join us as RARA launches the second collection of pieces from contributors to the Rhyme and Real Ale open mic nights, Voices From The Present. The warmly received and still selling first collection, Voices From The Past Year will also be available. Come one, come all. Join us and join in.

Sunday Feb 15th sees the second of the HEARTSPOKEN event organised by the brill Mab Jones. CLICK HERE for details of the appropriately and cunningly named HEARTSPOKEN 2

The day after Valentine gifts have been swapped, why not head along to the Kuku Club (Park Plaza Hotel, Cardiff), 7.30-10.30, for words and verses on matters of the heart, featuring, among others, people who look like this:

Will be joining in with the open mic section myself.

A NIGHT OF SPOKEN INDULGENCE returns to the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol, click here for details. Matt Duggan is the organiser and host, as ever, and several of the Rhyme and Real Ale regulars will be taking part. Why not come along? Could be verse!

Rowan Talbot’s regular showcase for new performance art/theatre/spoken word etc will return to Four Bars at Dempseys, Cardiff, March 29th. CLICK HERE for details of SCRATCH PLATFORM 4. I have bagged one of the sought after slots and am looking forward to delivering comic verse, at various speeds

Free entry, and unlike other performance nights, this one definitely starts at the stated start time, so be early to get a seat!

And…nah, I think that is enough for now. Keep it warm out there, folks 🙂

Yet Another Busy Bleary Eyed Blog…

Bit bleary eyed after bringing spoken word/comic verse/rap parody type stuff to The Coach, a Bridgend pub with an open mic night, last Thursday of each month. Since it was mostly music I think people were a bit bemused at first but then they got into it, joining in with the Amen! part of Priestly Boys and the chorus of The Booty Song.

Yesterday morning, barely awake, got a text from Mab Jones asking if I would join her to go on Radio Cardiff to talk of performance poetry and spoken word, in general terms and in terms of upcoming events.Here’s a photo from the studio, featuring a big smile from Mab and me at my most alert…

My first time on the radio ever, recited some rhymes as did Mab and we talked of performance poetry and upcoming events as well as Mab plugging the Letter to an Unknown Soldier project. I had intended to submit a letter anyway, but have to make sure I do after saying I will during this hour that gave me a small amount of respect for presenters (keeping talking to avoid dead air is harder than it seems and I don’t claim to have knocked it out of the park)

And now, a list of upcoming events:

Photo: And this is what the poster looks like with the correct relevant information on it....


August 11th from about 7.30pm RHYME AND REAL ALE Julie Pritchard’s come one, come all, no favouritism free open mic event at The Mackintosh Sports Club, Keppoch Street Cardiff reaches it’s first anniversary. An anthology of RARA poets work will be launched and will be for sale. First priority for proceeds is for RARA to have it’s own PA equipment to ease the pressure on poor Dave Daggers (who doesn’t know at this point the booklet has a  cover image, by me using two photos Dave took at diffrerent RARA nights. The other cover image was supplied by Bex Marriott. RARA is held second Monday of every month

August 14th WORD4WORD a National Theatre Wales TEAM event of verse and spoken word hosted by Frank Thomas. Not open mic but much variety of wordiness will be on show, including mine. Prizes are up for grabs for the performers, one to be decided by the organisers, the other, the audience prize, well come and vote for whoever best floats your boat!

August 23-25 HUB FESTIVAL An annual fixture in Cardiiff, featuring a shedload of thingsto see and b at, including MEGAVERSE,a spoken word event I am curating and hosting and currently putting together a performer list for. August 24, Cardiff Fashion Quarter 6-8pm, be there or be elsewhere!

August 29th last Friday of the Month means another Evening of Spoken Indulgence at the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol. Host Matt Duggan presents a variety of literary and literally spoken word. Then Sept 19th during the Bristol Poetry Festival a special event at the Hydra will see the launch of HYDRAZINE, an anthology of material by those who have read at Matt’s events, including some words from me

September 8th at RHYME and REAL ALE the Roath Writers group will be launching their second anthology of work by group members, edited by Cardiff writing mover and shaker Christina Thatcher, who will be first half guest host at RARA to give regular RARA ears and any other that come along a treat. Christina will introduce contributors to the Roath Writers group anthology, who will share their words, and I and you can then buy the anthology 🙂 Then Julie Pritchard will host the second half to complete the evening with a variety of styles of open mic performance.

Now I have to rush off to a voluntary work meeting. Laters, taters!




A Very Busy Blog

Click here for An Evening of Spoken Indulgence, at the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol, Friday 27/06/14. Matt Duggan’s regular night of varied readings and readers returns to combine coffee and tea with a syllable or three. I have decided (after much deliberation) to read my booklet Human Beings. In the future I will bring a tale featuring sex mad power hungry ducks and, and further in the future maybe my ‘rap parody of Catholicism’ featuring the Priestly Boys and God. Here’s a pic from my reading at the previous one of these monthly showcases:

Click here for Glasnost-Spoken Word where I and others (including Frank Thomas, Zaru Johnson, Simon L Read, Ceri De Stefano, Johnny Giles, Hannah Van Den Burgh and Mab Jones and perhaps any interlopers that can sneak onto the stage) will seek to move and amuse you. The event is part of the five day alternative to Glastonbury event starting today in Cardiff called Glasnost where music and comedy and more can be found going down (I’d have called the event GlasNOTbury to make a bigger gag of it not being Glastonbury, but Glasnost it is!) Here’s the poster

Note, the spoken word performers being so far down the poster reflects the fact we are on the last day, not any low opinion of spoken word. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

Solve et Coagula is the bringing together of pieces of art with spoken word. I was one of many writers asked to respond to an image, then the images and the written responses became part of an exhibition/reading event. Thanks Modern Alchemists!

June 5th, read at the last ever Spoken Word event at Tommy’s Bar and here is a pic (taken by Dave Daggers. more pics by him here)


Rhyme And Real Ale returned to The Mackintosh on June 9th (Click for details and to see a ‘report’ on the doings of the night). Nick Lovell made merry with his camera, filming many readers (google youtube Rhyme and Real Ale for the spread of performances, mine is liked to below). Nick travelled from the Wilds of Swindon to read at and document the event. Good man! I was host for the first half and set the bar low with this nonsense CLICK HERE

And in the second half I did an unaccompanied song I had just finished that day, so first ever go at it was recorded (yikes), then warned people about dangerous pets and finally relayed what Catholicism sounds like to me CLICK HERE


Will’s Day at the Creative Bubble in a shop window in Swansea, June 11th, a group of performance artists took part in the multi-day event borne of the words of Ron Savory. The link is a set of pics of my day, here’s me in the shop window doing my thang, roasting behind the glass (pic by Iain Sewell aka Vollsanger). Thanks for the slot, Ron at your event Open…..All Ours 

Thanks, Ron, also for asking people to come up with artwork based on your words. I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I was pleased to come up with these images which include these two


Last but not least in a very busy blog, I am one of many spoken words bods appearing during the running time of the Apples and Pears podcast described by what you see if you choose to CLICK

Going by these pics and vids, I may need to rest the Ace Of Spades shirt for a while 🙂



Busy, Busy, Busy! Readings, Recordings and Rhymes (Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea)

An Evening of Spoken Indulgence at the Hydra Bookshop, Bristol,click here 




and for more pics of the night click here featuring among others

Bridget Tanner, Julie Pritchard and Bel Blue, of the regular Rhyme and Real Ale Event in Cardiff (Click 4 details of next RARA, June 9th)

Next one at The Hydra, click here

I will be one of many reciters featuring on this podcast, click here

I will be one of many people performing in a shop window in Swansea next week, to see more, click

And will be reciting at this, the last ever poetry night at Tommy’s Bar before money grabbing development plans consign one of my favourite haunts to history, to see more, click

Busy, busy, busy!