FREE WRITE@CHAPTER CWTCH 10.00-13.00 November 25 2016

Nearly the last Friday of the Month, which means nearly time for


Probably the last FREE WRITE of 2016, so come along, muse on what the writing year has brought you, and what you hope to be doing with the days of 2017!

Meeting once a month, with no fixed agenda, FREE WRITE brings together poets, storytellers,spoken word performers, novelists, comedians, creators of words in whatever form, meet up to connect, chat, share experiences, successes, cautionary tales relating in any way to writing, the process, the results, the joys, the pain, the paths and the pitfalls of  the word based life

NOVEMBER 25th MEETING: 10am to 1pm in The Cwtch, Chapter Arts Centre

No two Free Write sessions are the same, you may use the session to focus on getting some words down by yourself, or join the discussion, maybe a prompt will arise during the event and those who wish may try and create something on the spot. Work may be read out to willing listeners, you may learn of open mic or other occasions to try out your work publicly, something about writing generally or about your work particularly might be causing you grief and maybe someone will offer you a new perspective, deliberately, or even accidentally, via the flow of social intercourse.


As with all things creative, the trick is about getting the flow started, however that happens and flowing to wherever the flow goes.

Which is FREE WRITE in a nutshell!


Drop in, tune in, drop out, as best suits your particular needs and inclinations

Free Write was created by Mab Jones and is hosted by Will Ford 

 Come along and feel the flow of Free Write, you make it what it is!



2 thoughts on “FREE WRITE@CHAPTER CWTCH 10.00-13.00 November 25 2016

    • Thank you, Mab! And am at this moment redressing the balance re my subconscious tea sexism (assuming Lady Grey was a more genteel version of the Earl) with a cup of Twinings Lady Grey. T’is very nice 😀

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