PUBLISHED on Ink, Sweat & Tears , The Poetry and Prose Webzine…

D O  O   R    S    of     P       E       R        C        E         P          T           I          O        N

Am pleased to share that Doors of Perception (my semi-satirical metaphysical piece about how to use Doors Of Perception purchased from IKEA) was published on March 11th 2016 by Ink Sweat and Tears the Poetry and Prose Webzine…

Helen Ivory, herself a poet with several published collections, joined IS&T in 2010 as Deputy Editor and she is now sole editor, seeking to publish new work every day.

As you may imagine, this is an undertaking that requires a lot of time from Helen and patience from those making submissions. So I would like to thank Helen Ivory for considering my material worthy of publication and for offering contributors and readers somewhere to see something new on a very regular basis!

As it happens, March 11th has additional significance for me, in terms of arrangements of words, and if that intrigues, click here to see why

My Website (info about the author, e-books, and more)

While by no means a ‘photographic artist’ I felt like getting creative pic-wise to illustrate this blog, hence the pics included above😉😉😉

The link to Ink, Sweat and Tears will take you to the poem that is published TODAY, whatever the day you are reading this happens to be, so be sure to look for March 11th 2016 on the site to find my piece. And why not make it a daily thing to pop over to the site to look at the work Helen Ivory publishes? A small moment of your time each day, that every day would be appreciated by some writer, somewhere, and offer you a daily delicious delight, quizzical question, enjoyable entertainment and every other possible thing that might be contained within the vast variety of verse you will encounter!






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