BATMAN versus SUPERMAN versus JUKE: Superheroes/Villains Special Edition…



March 2016 will welcome the first of two major “Superheroes Decide to Start Punching Each Other For Some Reason”movies when Batman and Superman finally return to the big screen and…basically punch each other in the face a lot then become best pals who join forces to punch somebody who will punch us all, if they don’t punch him first (oh sorry, is that a spoiler?)

T H E      M A I N      E V E N T

…March 2016 also welcomes the return of…


JUKE: Every third Tuesday of the month…Cardiff…Open mic at Little Man Coffee Company…Organised, overseen and hosted by RENN

See below for a recap of the February 2016 JUKE, with pics by Paula Hughes (or was it Marty McFly?), then…

CLICK HERE for details of the next JUKE, Tues, March 15th…The theme is WAR and the feature performer is RACHEL HELENA WALSHBut First…

February JUKE…Superheroes and Villains…

Hosted by…THE RENN


Fresh from saving Cardiff City from the schemes of the dastardly Doctor Future, The Renn swooped in to welcome all to another wide ranging banquet of wordy goodness

Skits were skitted…verses were versed…poems were poemed…songs were songed…Having previously growled out Do Not Go Gently Into That Dark Knight at JUKE I nearly did it again, but went with something written specifically for the event, Silly Sarcastic Superhero Song

Many tackled the hero/villain theme and presented wildly different takes on heroic/villainous activities, and the real heroes of our lives, family and doctors were not forgotten…unlike the often deserted tragic heroine of Fran Murphy’s heartfelt song, left alone, down on her luck when evildoers run amok, her other half shows lots of pluck, but where is he when she wants to…hug?

Humour and heartbreak and harsh experiences fed the words heard at JUKE. It was a glorious night…Until The Renn’s sworn enemy Doctor Future burst in to interrupt proceedings…. and had to be dealt with in the only way possible…RAP BATTLE!

The Renn Sprays Syllables to Floor Her Nemesis…


Doctor Future Rhymingly Retorts…


The good people at JUKE saw a clear victory for The Renn. The Evil people at JUKE saw matters differently, which just  goes to show that the whole good versus evil thing is sometimes a matter of personal perspective…


Thanks Renn and The Renn (never seen in the same place at the same time, for some reason) and as usual, the event was skilfully tweeted live, by Vincent Thomas

Thanks for the pics, from camera wielding, song singing and poetry slinging Marty McFly costume wearing Paula Hughes!

Had a cool night at JUKE again, and was pleased by the reaction to  my Silly Sarcastic Superhero Song…then stutteringly flustered as I returned to my seat, when The Renn asked if I would write her a theme song. I did write one and it may be heard publicly, if trouble comes to Cardiff City again, prompting the Return of The Renn…

NEXT JUKE MARCH 15th…details here


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