JUKE 15 December 2015

If you have words to share, or like a good mix of word performance, get in the door!


The second JUKE is coming up soon and again we have a great line-up. Both performed in the launch and encapsulated what JUKE is all about.

With Christmas nipping at our heels, it’d great to have some festive writing and performances; maybe you could talk about family and how this winter holiday reveals the bright sparks in all of us. Or perhaps you could do a Scrooge/Grinch and smash down the metaphorical fairy lights with a bah humbug. Or you could just wear something seasonal like a santa hat, Christmas jumper or elf shoes. I myself am thinking about putting some holly berry or mistletoe on my top hat, maybe have a tinsel scarf. Or you could do none of these things and come in an anorak. Whatever you feel. The writing doesn’t have to be themed, people can perform what they like. Open micers get 5 minutes to share…

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