MY SONG FOR SPECTRE…Into a Living Nightmare…plus thoughts on the film

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When the title of Spectre was announced I thought ‘I pity the fool that has to try and get the word spectre into a song lyric’. A few days later, without intending to, I had written the lyrics and made up the tune to something I ended up doing at open mic nights (unaccompanied by the orchestra referred to in the stuff below). Pretentious artistic justifications for the lyrics can be found below the stuff below.

Blogging this cos the film is out and people who blog are shameless in trying to appear ‘current’.  Mwah ha ha ha (ie evil laugh)

Had no idea of the film content at the time of writing the song. Excuse me while I stroke my pussycat, etc…

A Theme For Spectre (Into a Living Nightmare)

Expectantly…You slip into…The sleep that is…The respite from the fight…That is your life…From day to day…You’re seeking something…You may…

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