I was one of the readers at this event planned for Floor 5 Cardiff Central Library, 5.30-7.00pm, Thursday Oct 8 2015…click pic for more details…UPDATE…just before the event began the library was dramatically evacuated and cordoned off and people were ordered back, back, no further back and left wondering what the hell was going on…

poetry day evrnt

Host and organiser Gordon Anderson, exasperated at first, suddenly took on a sort of Ringmaster persona, as he gathered those who were still present available and willing to perform in the street and bellowed at the thronging crowds to bear witness to the first Central Library Guerilla Style street performance…and those of us who were able to perform in the chaotic street did…I, Fran Murphy, Lisa Megraw, Bryan Marshall (who had only come to watch the originally planned event but stepped up manfully) and more!!!

This was our performance spot…


Some of what I planned to perform was ditched in favour of reliably shouty pieces 

But I made sure to include The Idea That Might Change The World, as it was written for the event and (EDIT) was included below in the form of a photo of the handwritten and illustrated original form of the poem, but I have entered the poem in a competition, with Rules and Regulations that specify the entries must be unpublished and for the organisers, inclusion in a blog equates to publication.


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