My wordy response to a Facebook Post by the caring/sharing/inspiring Cathy Presland of about revealing something of self to create a connection with a reader…Pics are for illustration purposes only 😉

arrogant 1

I despise you, little people

It can be a two way thing, revealing something about yourself and/or audience/reader finding/feeling you reveal/uncover/understand/ something about them. The discovery/sharing of self/experience forms the basis of all human connection.

Holding out a hand so they come to you is you/I/we lowering our defences and showing vulnerability, which requires strength. The risk opens us up to and inspires potential connection on a human level, which others can respond to or shy away from. We can’t connect with everybody but shields must come down if we are to connect with anybody.

Richard Dawkins, giving Atheism a bad name by being as fundamentalist and and stubborn as those he chooses to scorn, mock and seeks to humiliate/browbeat into sharing his world view while showing so little self awareness of this that he proves being clever is not by the self the path to anywhere but trying to destroy that which is different

If we are showing off our cleverness with what we do, people are soon turned off if we don’t connect on some other level.

Unknowingly mostly, if we are basically trying to prove how clever we are and to deny any kind of human frailty we can look like we are trying to prove we are SUPERIOR to other people. And that would be itself revealing something: the lack of personal humility in our arrogant dickness.


Wot you lookin’ at?



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