My third e-book…

HUMAN BEINGS (Dickensian Twist)


It was a dark, dark, night…Dark, dark things were happening…

Like Cupid’s Evil Twin and The Coward, HUMAN BEINGS (Dickensian Twist) is a story told in poem form. All three began their lives as performance pieces that became booklets when audiences asked if they were available for sale. All three are now available for Kindle, published by AXIOM and each costs a lot less than the price of of a pint. 

HUMAN BEINGS (Dickensian Twist) tells a story built up from various styles and approaches to poetry and prose…On one foggy night in Dickensian London, the lives of a time traveller, a drunken police officer, a mouse, a rat, a cat, a dog a raven and a baying mob comically intersect with each other. The dark shadow of Jack the Ripper looms over the tale as large as he looms over his latest victim to tell her what he thinks of her and the poverty stricken lower class of people she sprung from…

Uncaring attitudes towards the poor that existed back then and still do are explored and the question is asked, are Human Beings ever going to get any better at treating other Human Beings like Human Beings? What are people who are not poor really thinking when they deny the status of Human Being to those less well off than them? Are they the spiritual descendants of Jack The Ripper in their hatred of those they feel are beneath them?

click on the images below to be whisked along the pathways of Amazon to purchase for your kindle…

Down every street and alley, the miasma sought the folk…


Cupid’s Evil Twin fires poison tipped arrows, into the hearts of the the lonely…


How long will it take for a bullet to kill me? Will there be time to cry out?



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