MONDAY 08/06/15  FROM 7.30pm    RHYME AND REAL ALE

Affectionately known as RARA, this come one come all open mic event at the Mackintosh Sports Club in Roath offers you an eclectic range of poets, storytellers and spoken word performers for FREE. If you have something you can do in five minutes and want to share it with a welcoming audience come along and do so, it’s FREE! Beer and other beverages NOT FREE. Second Monday, every month, RARA!!! This month, your hosts will be Fran Smith and Bridget Leggy Tanner…

WEDNESDAY  10/06/15 FROM 7.30pm   WHAT YA GOT?

As it says on the pic, second and fourth Wednesday of every month, come and show organiser Owain and the audience at Ten Feet Tall what you do! Turning up early is recommended to ensure all the slots aren’t snapped up before you get there, and I will be nabbing one myself to read The Coward, a story poem of mine that is coming out for Kindle next Monday Expect a variety of performance styles and experiences if you come to show what ya got, or simply come to see what the performers have got! Upstairs at Ten Feet Stall, the bit with the stage in it, entry to watch or perform is FREEEEE!!!,

FRIDAY 12/06/15  8.00pm  LAST MIC STANDING @ A Shot in the Dark 

The last heat, and the heat is on at A Shot in the Dark where you can eat, drink, and be entertained as musicians, comedians and poets offer themselves up for your perusal and your vote. One pound entry to the event, way more than a hundred pennies worth of entertainment! Um, please vote for me? ; -)

SUNDAY 14/06/15  7.30 pm HEARTSPOKEN (four) with special guest CANDY ROYALLE 

Heartspoken will be happening for the fourth time at Kuku Club at the Park Plaza Hotel. BUT WHAT DO YOU GET FOR YOUR FIVE POUNDS IF YOU VENTURE OUT ON SUNDY EVENING?

Mab Jones presents, and hosts a night of words delivered from the heart, be they happy, sad, amused, enraged, or anything else they could be. Sign up to take part in the open mic to get a pound off the entry fee or pay the whole fiver and simply enjoy the variety of spoken word voices and styles you will encounter. If you have a heart, bring it along, pal, hear words beating fast  and Candy Royalle!!

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