Cancer Research received £200 raised as the result of an event organised by Welsh Comedian Michael Fentham, in Memory of his father. CLICK HERE Assisting with organising the event were Natasha Morgan and Jane Lewis(who also took on photographic duties for the event CLICK HERE) The slightly Lynchian curtained backdrop of the stage nicely complemented my new favourite item of clothing, my Eraserhead T-shirt.

Friday January 30th, on a cold windy night in Bridgend, Michael, Daniel ‘Yogi’ Young, Dylan Rhys Jones, Tyler D Wells and myself offered comic material to Brigend Con Club, MCd by the amusingly amusing compere Lee Rowsell. Bravery award for the night has to go to Yogi, for agreeing to undergo a very live, and very painful live onstage chest waxing, carried out by Louise, a local beautician (Belle Beauty). Ouch is the word…

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