Mab Jones on Anne Frank and the Unknown Soldier: A War Begins (& a Diary Ends)

Mab Jones and the Unknown Soldier

Mab Jones

As most of you will know, yesterday marked the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War One. As part of the centenary ‘celebrations’ (if they can be called that), I was involved in helping promote the Letter to an Unknown Soldier project. This was a UK-wide (and, in the end, world-wide) endeavor which asked participants to imagine the letter being held/read by the Unknown Soldier statue situated in Paddington Station. Over the last couple of months, over 20,000 entries were submitted as part of the project, which aimed to create ‘a new kind of war memorial – one made entirely out of words’. Many famous writers and celebrities added their voices, of course, but I was particularly pleased to see entries from poets I knew, and other people of the local area. These included Will Ford, Cathy Dreyer, Michelle Wright, Lee Prosser, Julie Pritchard

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