BOTTPPC at the Dylan Thomas Festival (Laugharne)





See here for Back of the Pub poetry Club line up at Laugharne

Many thanks to event host Mab Jones, for organising this while also reading at other events and taking part in several BBC Radio Wales programmes over the weekend. Brilliant to see you again, as always! Thanks to fellow member of the BOTPPC line up Lee Prosser (and wife Nicky) for providing a place to stay and great company, therefore making my participation possible. It was a great night, I am still recovering from the sleep deprivation and late night Jack ‘n Coke fuelled conversations of the weekend. And much to enjoy as an audience member including Simon Armitage, Mike Garry and the waif like John Cooper Clarke. Still tired, hence the paucity of colourful content here.

An honour, to be a part of the centenary celebrations. And though I joked about Dylan Thomas being Wales’ favourite alcoholic, and a man who touched many wives, I did also compose this more serious moment to read in Laugharne as part of my otherwise mainly silly set…


The hundred year point

After the birth

Of anyone

Who has been dead

For more than 60%

Of that time

Should be considered a tragedy

More than a festival

Even if the person in question

Is Dylan Thomas



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