Written as a result of the Write-ism coursework thus far…topics for week 3 childhood, cultural memory and seeking to write from pov at self at a point between ages of 6 and 10

Memories From A Very Royal Occasion…

June the 7th
Pant View
Nantyglo Estate
Walking up the steps
To The Street
Where the tables have been put
End to end in a long line
Over a trench
In the middle of the road
Waiting to be filled
With a gas pipe
And several paper tablecloths
With the same date
And same picture of the queen
Make the tables
One giant table
Covered in more kinds of
Cake and sandwiches
And jelly and other foods
Than I have ever seen
Than most of Pant View
Has ever seen
It feels stupid
Everybody I see every day
Some people I only see at night
Some I have never seen before
Dressed up, hair brushed
Talking about the Queen
Who was lovely,or ugly, or a waste
Of time and money and space
Who would never come to this shit hole
Depending on who is talking
Why are we eating jelly
For someone we have
Only seen on telly
And on money
And stamps
And now
On tablecloths
And mugs
And plates
Tiny sandwiches
Crisps and jelly
Is this what the Queen eats?
Must be
We normally don’t
Me and my sisters
The social workers
Want to weigh us.
We would weigh more today
We are not standing
Or sitting on the kerb
Or running around
Or fighting
Or chasing sheep on the mountain
Just to see them run
With poo falling from
Their bums
Today we are not allowed
Today is for her Majesty
Today we all pretend we like each other
Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday
One day the council will come back
And finish putting in the gas pipe
And fill the trench and cover it
With brand new tarmac
That will look brilliant black
For a while before it fades
More cake and jelly
Feeling it is all stupid
Beginning to feel sick
Of drinking warm Corona pop
In the sun
Neck beginning to burn
Prefer to be reading a book
Or watching Batman And Robin
If there is enough money
In the meter
Or Space 1999
Or the incredible Hulk
He’s really really green
Even his eyebrows are green
On Mrs Wall’s colour telly
She must be rich.
Wish I was rich
God Save The Queen
But what about me?


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