Beware Pets That Can Kill You!!!

If you raise a tiger, you should not be surprised
If one day your tiger, looks you in the eyeImage
And says “Dude, I am a tiger,
This is what’s going on:
Here is the deal, I need a meal


You’re gone

Don’t mean to condescend
But if you befriend a bear
Don’t be shocked
If you’re found lying
With your face no longer there

And if your boa constrictor
Crushes the life out of you
He’s only doing
What a boa constrictor
Is supposed to do

Your cute little chimp
May well love your jolly japes
But haven’t you seen
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?
He could kill you in a second, man
Without a second thought
No matter how much sign language
You’ve made sure he’s been taught

Nurture lions if you choose
But do not become bemused
If your fully grown big cat
Starts acting confused
Then turns to look at you
In a most peculiar way
And decides to make you
His delicious dish, of the day

If your black widow spider
makes a widow of your wife
You cannot blame the spider
For the absence of your life

So don’t haunt me
With your ghostly face
Morose expression blue
Nobody made you pat a pet
That is more dangerous than you.


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